Who the Hell Am I?

Well my names Pete and I am 55 at the time of writing this I live in Nottingham England and I’m married for the second time to the greatest woman that walks the planet.

I have a love of india ,its culture it’s people, and most especially its real food, and by that I mean not the english inspired fine dining indian food that you can find in some of the more expensive eateries. But the dishes of the village, and up to and including the dishes of the Maharajas, now that is fine dining.

I married in India, a hindu christian ceremony wonderful; and travel there as often as I can, keep your eye open for my Kerala diary that is up coming in Feb of 2013.

My love of curry comes essentialy from a lifetime of eating it, and my desire to cook it properly comes from a desire to explore dishes that don’t originate from a Daag(See my article Curry in a Hurry) in the resteraunt, and that really is my  raison Detre to this whole experiment in communication.

I love the written word, and will promise that whatever I write will be as well written as my education, which is at best patchy allows ….

If  you have any questions or just want to say hi you can reach me on email @


Other than that enjoy the curry and the words that go with them.

The Recipes themselves are a mixture of the traditional and the original some are just mine but most are adaptions of those dishes and recipes that I think need some help… oh god how arrogant does that sound , what I really mean is that they have my tilt on them!

So enjoy


22 thoughts on “Who the Hell Am I?

  1. Went through your blog and loved your perspective on the ingredients and Indian dishes. I am an Indian, born and bought up along with these and understands their significance very well. It was really a treat reading your blog.

    1. Many thanks for the kind words, and I really appreciate it more in that you are Indian. I visit your country as often as I can normally going to the Kerala & Goa coastal area. I am english but was lucky enough to marry in India, and have been in love with your food and culture since I was very young, so please tell your friends and let them know that a friendly welcome and some good recipes are assured… peace and love to you and yours.

  2. ” not the english inspired fine dining indian food” I am so glad to hear that!!! lol I call them gravy or packet curry and it tastes so far from the real thing its unbelievable lol

  3. Thanks for the like of my recipe for Prawns. I also am not a fan of restaurant curries and have been to India a couple of times and love it. I have 2 great books to read which are about the history and origins of curry and they are fascinating that I can recommend if you would like – do contact me if you want their names.

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog 🙂 You have some interesting recipes here which I will enjoy browsing. I have been cooking Kashmiri food for 45 years and would like to try some Indian variations.

  5. I thought you are Indian since your blog is all about Indian (at least at the home page). *lol. I am Indonesian, we have several kind of curries but usually Indian curries are stronger than ours. great blog! inspire me to find curries in my place (I just knew several that my mom taught me).

  6. Hi Pete, thanks for introducing yourself through your comment. I know lots of people who will be excited about trying your recipes, and let us know when you’re coming to Kerala!

    1. Sure will… my local restaurant offers pickles included….I read your blog on this and agree with ya….profiteering of the worst kind… An indian would only charge me once for pickles as I wouldn’t go back …. no matter how good they think they are

  7. Hi Pete, I am so heartened to see your love for the Indian curry :). I enjoyed browsing through your blog and bookmarked few recipes to try soon. A big thank you for visiting my site and encouraging me to blog more through your likes and comments. Thank you.

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