Sarson da Saag…Punjabi Greens

This is a classic recipe from the Punjab and one of those dishes that is very simple to cook that has a cooking time of three hours, and is stacked through with vegetables that are pretty tricky to get unless you have an Indian grocer to hand. surmount those two problems and the reward is a dish that is a pure pleasure to eat .As with all good cooking like your mum used to make it requires attention and is not the sort of thing that you should just leave unattended. So get yourself a comfortable perch and apply yourself to lavishing the attention this dish requires as in the end it is well worth it and for the vegetarians amongst you a dish that is right up your street, ticking all the boxes and is brilliant with just corn bread(MakkeKi Rotte) to accompany it.Simple food great taste for sure.


750gm(1lb 10 oz) Mustard Greens Chopped

250gm(9 oz) Spinach chopped

100gm(3.5oz) Mooli(daikon) leaves Chopped

30 gm(1.25oz) Amaranthus, washed  well and chopped

8 Green Chillies de-seeded and slit lengthways1 inch of ginger diced

4 tbsp Mustard oil

4 tbsp Basmati Rice

2 tbsp cornflour

225gm(8oz) Butter softened

Salt to taste


put all the ingredientsexcept the cornflour and the butter into a large heavy based pan, season with salt and pour in two litres(3.5 pints) of waterbring it to the boil and then reduce the heat to a low simmer for the next 75 minutes.

Remove from the heat and churn or for those of you with a blender, blitz it down to a lovely blended consistency.

Return the mixture back to the heat cover and simmer for another hour, stirring frequently

Remove from the heat after that hor and adjust the seasoning transfer to a serving dish and garnish with oodles of butter!