The trouble with a curry blog is sometimes


Sometimes I just like to sit, resting after a day at the coal face of life watching television enjoying the life that is mine. Curry for me is not a life style it is something I like to eat nothing more, and as such it is not my religion or my raison detre. I say this as I have not posted much recently owing really to the simple fact that I haven’t cooked much, well not anything that I would wish to write about.

The trouble with blogging especially on a recipe site where you are under a certain obligation to at least try the things you are posting as recipes, is what happens if you don’t like the result?

Do you still post it and enthuse that it was a fantastic little recipe and let the people decide or do you say it is not to your taste!

Answers at the foot of the page if your that way inclined!

The next problem if that is the right word is one of you only really eat your dishes once and you to some extent are relying on what has to be regarded as the taste buds of time, put simply if it is a traditional recipe then tradition cannot be wrong, now there’s an assumption! Further still because you have a busy life revisiting a previously published recipe means you may not, as is most often the case where I am concerned publish anything that week at all as you have had your curry fix for the week and gluttony well that’s a sin.

Where there is a case for Demonology(click to see more) or for the uninitiated  those recipes that I claim as my own or have taken ownership of; well they take time to conceive as I am not a natural chef, and although I have been much blessed with a copious and ever overflowing imagination find perceiving tastes a very unusual concept to say the least, and therefore  take a long time to reach the page that is this blog, hopefully that is time well spent and is evidenced by the tasty result, or not as may be the case!

I do like to write too and therefore a blog is a fantastic vehicle to help in the achievement of that want, but a recipe blog is sometimes not, as it is the recipes that dominate and not really the writing.

That then is the reason for this Saturday morning minor monologue which I hope you have enjoyed and will “Like” as only bloggers can…. there will hopefully be a recipe coming later today traditional this time  so watch this space for more on

Korioora Munakkai

A chicken delight flavoured with tamarind and more than enough spice to keep you as happy as a spice seller in a Bombay bazaar

later’s Curry lovers


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